The Naruto anime is going through a period of change and I think it’s time to tell you about my favourite arc about everyone’s favourite ninja, Kakashi.

I love the concept of the ANBU in Naruto, they are full on proper ninjas who sneak around embracing a ninja principal of achieving your goals in the simplest manner. So in the context of the wacky and colourful world Naruto, slipping up behind someone in an animal mask and killing them, is pretty simple.

Kakashi is one of my favourite characters in the anime, for his laid back and seemingly lazy approach to life, so after I finished reading the manga and I heard about the anime arc telling the story of Kakashi’s time in the ANBU, I had to hit that up.

That being said, when you give the back-story of a cool mysterious character like Darth Vader, it can sometimes ruin your appreciate of that character somehow though, it doesn’t with this story. Maybe because Kakashi retains that sense of formidability during any kind of flashback story, where Anakin doesn’t or it could be that Anakin is too human for us all to like.

So the story of the arc follows a traumatised Kakashi coming to terms with the death of Obitoo and Rin, his two former teammates. When his mentor Minato notices this, he re-assigns him to the ANBU. The black ops unit of Hidden Leaf village, who take on missions of importance or secrecy.

Here, the young Kakashi has his loyalties tested, his fledging skills pushed to the limit and his road to recovery all put on show. Throughout, the action scenes are great and fast paced and don’t get bogged in any of the long or complex action sequences the manga or the anime can occasionally do.

You see Kakashi mature before your eyes as he goes from an angry loner to a cheery adult who believes in teamwork. Also, teenage Might Guy is a delight as usual.

For any of you who needed a kick refresh on the history of the anime, it’s done here but in an interesting and engaging way where you can see events from a new perspective that you can pay attention to.

See the death of Uchiha Clan through different eyes and the tension that existed between them and the rest of the village.

Either way guys, it’s been nearly two years since I watched this arc and I still enjoy it. Worth a watch and a cheeky download of Crunchy Roll.

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