World of Final Fantasy is about to get even better with the announcement that a special guest from the Kingdom Hearts series will be dropping by.

The announcement of Sora within World of Final Fantasy is to commemorate the release of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue early next year. The Sora summon avaiable in World of Final Fantasy included his outfit from Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD. This option to summon Sora means he will be joining a whole host of famous characters that players can use in battle to help turn the scale.

World of Final Fantasy

In World of Final Fantasy, players take on the role of a pair of twins, Reynn and Lann, as they journey through the mysterious world of Grymoire to rediscover lost memories. World of Final Fantasy will allow players to encounter over 200 unique and wonderful creatures, who are very cute might I add, to use in a battle system like none other seen in a Final Fantasy game.

Furthermore, a launch trailer for World of Final Fantasy has been released showing some more of the games battle system and cute design. Honestly, you can’t question that World of Final Fantasy does not look good. It is going to be awesome to see Sora entering the world of Grymoire and joining our heroes through an amazing adventure.

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World of Final Fantasy will be available for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita tomorrow, 28th October. The Day-One edition of the game includes extra digital content such as Japanese voice-over and a Sephiroth summon.

The free DLC will be available for a limited time and details on how to obtain the cute guy will be announced at a later date.

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