Here’s How Well an iPad Pro Works as a Skateboard Deck

The iPad Pro is probably the biggest iPad you can purchase right now. Though it’s considered a tablet, it’s really not. I mean, it’s a whole 12-inches of tablet, that’s pretty much a small TV. Anyway, we know the iPad Pro is big, but is it big enough to be a viable replacement for a skateboard deck?

Now, before you go drilling into your own iPad Pro, I’ll save you a couple hundred quid and point you to the lovely folk over at Braille Skateboarding who took the time to do it for you. Braille Skateboarding you say? That sounds familiar? Yep, they’re the same folk who turned an Xbox One and a PlayStation 3 into a skateboard too.

Anyway, watch below as Aaron Kyro cracks into the box only to realise that there’s a brand new iPad Pro within. Lance Silber, the chap behind the camera explains that a fan sent this in for them to turn into a skateboard after winning the tablet as a prize. You can see the reluctance of the two, but they go ahead and drill into it anyway.

Here’s the result and try not to cry:

Yeah, it’s pretty much useless. It’s too thin to actually work, and pretty much instantly fails. But it made a good video, right.. right? *insert cry emoji*