Animal Crossing New Leaf is staving off the Autumnal colours with a breath of new life in the form of a huge free content update which went live yesterday.

The update contained a whole range of new goodies enabling you to customise your house that little bit easier with the use of the Touch Screen and those who Link their save data from Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer to their New Leaf game allows them to find their furniture in Timmy & Tommy’s catalogue!

Players who like to hoard those precious furniture pieces they like too much to sell, but don’t like enough to place in their house just became less frustrating with the addition of a Storeroom area. Now players can place items here that they can’t store elsewhere in order for use/sale later (rainy day fund when the bell-market crashes?).

Perhaps the biggest new feature is the integration of amiibo and their ability to summon new neighbours and friends to the town! Players are now able to interact with Wisp to grant a daily wish of a free gift or a new face to walk into at the post office. Some of the invited animal pals will arrive at the new Campground area where players can trade items with them and possibly entice them to move to their town.

Amiibo from The Legend of Zelda and Splatoon will cause characters based upon familiar faces in the series to appear as well as giving players other themed swag. Now dressing up like Link will be all the easier, but our neighbours probably won’t appreciate us breaking all their ornaments!

New console based items bring a pair of mini-games to the title allowing players to challenge their neighbours to a game of Puzzle League or see how well they would cope on a desert island in Desert Island Escape.

As a little refresh, players getting tired of the old place and fancy a fresh start somewhere new, then Tom Nook the property tycoon, is on hand as always to offer them a lump sum to buy the town and ship ’em off somewhere new!

He’ll probably horrifically undercharge you but hey, that’s business.

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