Apollo Justice iOS Android #1

Get set for the most intense legal exchanges gaming can offer on the go – Capcom have announced the release dates for the iOS and Android ports of the courtroom battling visual novel Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, the fourth game in the Ace Attorney series.

The iOS port is due to be available on the iTunes Store on December 1st, while the Android port is expected on the Google Play Store on December 8th. Capcom have stated that the smartphone and tablet versions of the game have had their visuals optimized to take advantage of the superior resolutions available on the newer devices, and full English and Japanese language support will be available.

Apollo Justice iOS Android #2

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney sees players cast in the role of the eponymous Apollo Justice as he visits crime scenes, questions witnesses and collects evidence before stepping into a series of dramatic courtroom battles to prove his clients’ innocence. His opponent is the talented, flamboyant prosecutor Klaiver Gavin, brilliant lawyer by day and lead singer of his band, The Gavinners, by night.

Apollo Justice iOS Android #3

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney will be coming to iOS on December 1st and Android on December 8th.

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