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To keep something fresh, you always need to re-invent it. The Power Rangers is a franchise that has survived on this, though what are some ways the franchise could go terribly wrong with this?

A quick history lesson, Power Rangers Turbo almost killed the franchise when it tried to adapt the parody car themed Carranger and play it serious. It was Power Rangers in Space that came and saved the day.

When I say bad idea, I mean a theme that I don’t think Saban could adapt very well, or one that wouldn’t take off in Japan either. So here we go.

Ghost Busters: Interestingly enough, there is an un-adapted Sentai called Go Busters, but I think Ghost Busters themed Power Rangers would probably send the internet into meltdown based on the reaction to the 2016 Ghost Busters reboot.

Even though it would be kind of interesting, the reaction would just be too much with all the arguing and over-reacting that’d come out of a guilty pleasure kids show.

Underage Joyriding: I know they’ve done vehicle themed Power Rangers, but I think a Power Rangers showing teens or adults breaking into cars as part of their power up sequences, may go a bit wrong.

I could imagine parent groups and other sensible adults dropping it like it’s hot if their kids favourite Saturday morning treat was literally grand theft auto.

Maybe that could be one for the adults.

Luchas: I think this could be a great idea. Though the pessimistic voice inside of me says this just wouldn’t work. I thought a live action Dragon Ball movie could be a good idea. I was proven very wrong.

I just don’t think Saban or Japanese production company, Toei would build this house on a solid base. You see, to help with the choreography, you’d need to get some Luchas involved. I have a feeling that wouldn’t happen.

Drones: Internationally the use of drones is a huge source of controversy. Domestically the use of drones is kind of considered a source of irritation. That would put the toy production department into a difficult situation.

Since drones are kind of dangerous in the wrong hands and most likely in the hands of a small child. This idea may have to be spiked in the Power Rangers production department.

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