Today Blizzcon 2016 today Blizzard announced some new content for StarCraft 2 including new co-op missions and a new co-op commander.

The new commander is Alexei Stukov, the vice admiral of the UED Expeditionary Fleet and infested Terran captain. For those out of the loop, the infested Terrans are a breed of Zerg created when the Zerg infest a Terran with a new virus that leads to the rather ugly looking people you find now and again. The third and final set of Nova missions for StarCraft 2 will be released on November 22.

In terms of what the future holds for StarCraft 2, Blizzard announced a rather exciting collaboration with the team behind Google’s DeepMind artificial intelligence. The collaborating will see the StarCraft 2 API being released to developers so that the artificial intelligence can be developed and grow. What role Starcraft 2 and how it will mix with the DeepMind AI will we learn more about tomorrow during the ‘Future of StarCraft 2 AI’ panel on Saturday, 10am PT on the main stage.

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The new infested units that Stukov brings to the table look to be a fun change of pace for StarCraft 2.

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