Update: If you want to unlock a stunning Oni Genji Skin then make sure to take part in the Heroes of the Storm Nexus Challenge. You can read all the details here. Here is a preview of the skin.


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Today at Blizzcon 2016 Blizzard officially unveiled Sombra who hacked the BlizzCon stage to then show off her animated short which you can see below.

Sombra is a stealth enabled offensive hero who is set to mix up the world of Overwatch with a number of abilities. In the short you can watch below we see her moving around the map with ease and using her hacking to help her push forward. At the same time she is able to turn invisible and even set up a teleporter. We also get a little cameo from Zarya as well.

Checking out her profile over on we get a better look at Sombra. This includes her ‘hack’ which temporarily stops enemies from using abilities. Her ‘thermoptic camo’ will turn her invisible for a short period of time and boost her speed. Attacking, using an ability or taking damage will remove the camo. Her EMP however is were it really gets awesome. Sombra discharges an EMP blast over a wide radius, destroying enemy barriers and shields and hacks all opponents caught in the blast.

Blizzard also announced that there will be a couple of new maps coming to the game along with a new Arcade mode. The new maps include Oasis and Ecopoint Antarctica which will be released with the new Arcade Mode and is set up for one-versus-one and three-versus-three arena-style game modes. The new map, Ecopoint Antarctica will also explore Mei’s backstory a bit as it’s the location she was frozen in for a long time.

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To finish up the Overwatch news Blizzard also announced the Overwatch League coming in 2017. This new eSports league is being set up to give aspiring players a chance to land professional contracts, baseline minimum salaries, benefits and much more. Teams will be centered around cities and the number of cities will grow over the life span of the Overwatch League. Blizzard released the following video to help explain everything in full.

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Sombra, Arcade, and Ecopoint Antarctica will hit the test servers next week, most likely on Tuesday, and Oasis is set to come out sometime in December. The Overwatch League will start next year.

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