Everyone’s favourite animated movie studio just dropped a huge bombshell on everyone with the release of the Cars 3 teaser trailer (Nov 21).

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Although the trailer doesn’t exactly reveal much more than that our beloved hero, Lightning McQueen, is back and potentially losing his edge as his career progresses. That being said, it’s Pixar, they don’t disappoint! Whatever is in store for our four-wheeled friends it’s sure to be great!

Cars featured an awesome soundtrack and a very unique spin on the Nascar universe. Cars 2 brought a star studded cast and focused more on Mater and his mishaps throughout their travels, but what Cars 3 will bring remains mostly a mystery! Rumors and early teaser concept art showed Lightning, paired with a yellow car called Cruz, learning how to compete with the modern age of racing.


How the pair come to know each other and how their relationship develops we’ll have to wait and see! Pixar are playing things very close to their chest! Still waiting for Incredibles 2 after all…

Cars 3 is schedulded for release June 16 2017.

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