Digital Monster

Digimon, believe it or not, is still going strong and the official Digimon website has launched a countdown website for the 20th anniversary of “Digital Monster”.

Digital Monster was the virtual pet toy that gave way to the Digimon franchise. The countdown on the new website teaser page is set to finish on January 6th, 2017. There is no further information at this point in time, but with 40 plus days to go it’s understandable. That said, the 20th anniversary project for the toy has already started and more information will be made available next month.

The past year we have seen the release of a fair amount of Digimon material include some anime and Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. Digimon World: Next Order is also released in Japan this year on the PlayStation Vita will a PlayStation 4 release coming to the West early next year. Though many would argue the series is long since run it’s course it really hasn’t as interest continues to grow again in recent years.

The Digital Monster was first released as a series of virtual pets in 1997 by Bandai Namco in the style of Tamagotchi. This included feeding, training, battling and of course cleaning up after your Digital Monster. Though over the years the style has developed and the Digital Monster idea gave way to Digimon. The core root of the franchise has never really been forgotten. There have been many titles, both in video games and anime, released over recent years. Though not all of them have been released in the West this has been changing in the last year or so.

As more details become available on the 20th anniversary countdown for Digital Monsters you can bet they will be available to read here.

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