As games are becoming more futuristic and far-fetched, the science to explain such happenings is starting to be a little bent and in some cases, broken. Fortunately, a new web series is coming to uncover the truth behind science in video games called Space Explorers.

Space Explorers, backed by the UK Space Agency, hopes to encourage young people to pursue a career in science, tech, engineering, and maths (STEM for short) by showing them what’s possible and not possible in them there video games they play.

The web series will be arriving on the YouTube channel, CamandSeb, run by presenters Cam Robinson and Seb Ford, who have partnered with astrobiologist, Professor Lewis Dartnell of the University of Westminster, to illustrate and hopefully explain why or how some of these things in games could or could never happen in real life. The trio will be joined by a guest scientist and together they will explain the real science behind each game based on their field of expertise.

The show is set to begin on November 10, and already they have a good handful of episodes ready to go live:

  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare with Matt Balme
  • Space Engineers with Manish Patel
  • Kerbal Space Programme with Abby Hutty
  • Mars 2030 with Beth Healey
  • Planet Base with Ryan MacDonald
  • Waking Mars with Lewis Dartnell

“I’m absolutely delighted to have been supported by the UK Space Agency for our outreach project,” said Prof. Dartnell. “I think that combining computer games with green screen studio interviews of space scientists is a really fun way of exploring the real science behind our favourite games, and how the UK is leading in the field.”

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