Electric Jukebox was announced in October last year and hoped to be the streaming service for everyone. Now, over a year later the device is finally ready to be released bringing accessible music streaming to almost anyone.

For those who missed the initial announcement, Electric Jukebox is Britain’s only music streaming service and gadget which connects to any HDMI capable TV to bring tons of music to users fingertips with no subscriptions or registration required. Just plug it in and listen to millions of albums.

At the time of the original announcement, the service and gadget received support from UK creatives such as Robbie Williams, Alesha Dixon, Stephen Fry and Sheryl Crow who’ll curate content for the service, too.

There’s over 29 million songs on the platform that are initially completely ad-free with no monthly subscription thanks to a free year’s Premium Music Pass, all users need to do is purchase the Electric Jukebox for £169, plug it in, and Bob’s your uncle. Once that year is up, there are subscription packages, with a £52 Premium Music Pass that’s half the price of Spotify, allowing users to resume their ad-free listening experience. However, music can still be listened to for free without a Premium Music Pass, though it may be ad supported.

“We want music to be affordable and easy to access so everyone can enjoy it. Our 1-year Premium Music Pass for Electric Jukebox will cost the equivalent of just £1 a week: £52 pounds for the year. That’s makes it affordable for everyone.” said Electric Jukebox CEO, Rob Lewis.

Electric Jukebox comes in various colours to match up with your interior or personal taste and offers a remote which includes voice search. It also looks like a microphone too so y’know you can also pretend to be Kylie Minogue on your coffee table if you so wish.

Electric Jukebox is available to purchase right now for £169.

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