You may not know this, but for a brief period yesterday there was a slight possibility that you, your loved ones, or someone you know on Facebook, may have been listed as deceased. This was due to an incredible fuck-up by the social network where it accidentally added a memorial banner to a huge chunk of its users.

Facebook, in effect, killed everyone on Friday, November 11, as they accidentally “memorialised” personal accounts across the globe with banners usually reserved for profiles of the deceased. Their living profile had been turned into a memorial wall, and a little banner was added to the top asking users to “remember” them.

Even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg found himself being killed off by the network he helped create.

Of course, this was all an incredibly huge mistake for Facebook who, in a statement, apologised for accidentally killing off half of the world.

“For a brief period today, a message meant for memorialized profiles was mistakenly posted to other accounts. This was a terrible error that we have now fixed. We are very sorry that this happened and we worked as quickly as possible to fix it.”

Of course the likelihood of you actually noticing the death of yourself or your Facebook contacts is pretty slim, I mean, who actually visits peoples profiles nowadays?

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