Final Fantasy XV

In yet more Final Fantasy XV news as we move even closer to the release now the Day One patch dubbed the ‘Crown Update’ has been shown off in action.

During the latest Action Time Report Global Brand Director Akio Ofuji and Development Manager Yasuaki Nasu took to the stage to discuss and demo the update. Focusing on the new features and improvements which will be included with the ‘Crown Update’ they also took a deep look at key gameplay elements.

There are some new moves included in the game now that were inspired by the Omen CGI trailer, including a Warp Drop Kick and a Backward Warp Magic. These allow Noctis even more freedom to attack and move around the battlefield. They also show off the Regalia shop which will let players purchase items while auto traveling. A cutscene from the Omen trailer is also shown at this point which comes as a nightmare to Noctis.

Also shown is a good amount of footage from the Xbox One version of Final Fantasy XV, including control options and the Wait Mode during combat. Back on the PlayStation 4 version of Final Fantasy XV however, they showcase the stunning city of Lestallum which will be one of the main stops on a players journey through Final Fantasy XV.

To round up the showcase of the Crown Update they show off a number of features on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One including the magic crafting system, companion commands, and even the phantom swords. These are of course Noctis’s ability in which he can perform continuous sprints, warps, and some insane combat moves all while having the phantom swords dealing damage.

The follow Action Time Report for Final Fantasy XV can be viewed below and you can read more about the Crown Update here.

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