The geek shall inherit the Earth and all that’s on it, including the bedroom, well, that’s according to a survey that has found that gamers much better performers in the bedroom than their presumably much fitter gym-going friends and like sex quite a bit.

Of course, quite a bit doesn’t stand up on its own, doesn’t it? Well discount voucher website, Voucher Codes Pro,has had a chat with over 2000 ladies as part of their quest to learn more about stereotypes.

Out of these 2000 or more women aged 18 or over, their partners fell into the blow categories:

  1. 25% chose ‘gym goer’
  2. 21% ‘hipster’
  3. 17% ‘gamer’
  4. 12% ‘rockers’
  5. 9% ‘dad’
  6. 7% ‘nerdy’
  7. 6% ‘trend-setter’
  8. 3% ‘chav’

Looking at the numbers, gamers are outnumbered by the gym goers and if they make an alliance with the hipsters, also we better hope negotiations with the dad’s and rockers goes well, too.

Before we start making offerings with the dads and getting them to join us in one epic war against gym goers and hipsters, I have some more statistics to share with you. The survey also asked these women how often they had sex with their partners, and the outcome is interesting:

  1. Gamer – 6 times a week
  2. Hipster – 4 times a week
  3. Chav – 4 times a week
  4. Trend-setter – 3 times a week
  5. Nerdy – 3 times a week
  6. Rocker – 2 times a week
  7. Gym goer – once a week
  8. Dad – once a fortnight

That’s right gamers, you’re achieving trophies in the digital world and you winning in real life, too. Though the good news really doesn’t stop there. 59% of participants said gamers were found to be putting their partner needs before their own.

So to sum up, gamers are rocking the bedroom through most of the week and are embracing a key teaching of Spock’s which was “the needs of the many outweigh those of the few”.

If you’re one of the many, lucky you.

Also apparently the trendsetters were one of the most selfish groups in bed, so you may good at predicting what the next cool thing is, but if you’ve got a bit of talent at Mario, you’ll likely be a bit of a hit in the bedroom.

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I called it! I called it!
Now I have to edit this into that Quora Question I answered