This has been a good year for grown up Pokémon fans. With the popular mobile game Pokémon Go taking off and the Youtube series Pokémon Generations going live as well. Let’s take a look at this series and see how it stacks up.

To start off, I’d describe myself as a casual Pokémon fan. One who has fond memories of the franchise from childhood, but I wouldn’t describe myself as a member of a Poke-cult. Though I did enjoy the Pokémon Origins, miniseries which is loosely based on the game. When I saw the trailer for Pokémon Generations, I fancied checking it out. If this sounds like something you’d be interested check out the Pokémon Youtube channel here.

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Now that the series is nearly wrapping up, it’s a good time to offer perspective on it. To cut the long filler ridden story short: I did enjoy it. Mostly because you got to see more of the world of Pokémon outside of the narrow eyes of Ash and whoever is joining him on his adventures at the time.

The second episode especially stood out, where we got to see the police force of this world at work. It was quite interesting to see Pokémon doing something other than beating each other up. Similar to one of the only episodes of the mainline Pokémon series I can really remember, about Ash and his little crew discovered a Fire Brigade ran with Pokémon.

The animation is quite slick as well, and appears a bit more grown up, reminiscent of the animation style that was used in The Last: Naruto the movie. But speaking of breaking the mold, you know how I’m a total sucker for space stuff since I was brought up on Star Trek right?

Later on in the series, a Pokémon battle is waged in space, and it was epic. It almost makes me want to buy the game it’s based on, if I didn’t suck so much at Pokémon games that is.

This series of Youtube shorts has been really engaging. I hope that similar franchises are inspired to produce some of their own… hint hint Digimon…

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