The latest Pokemon Go! Update (0.47.1) introduces a whole bunch of balancing tweaks, causing outrage for some and elation for others.

The update has noticably reduced a lot of the more popular Pokemons CP ratings, while increasing a few of the others. Gengar, for example, has been one to receive a power boost. Being a relatively tricky one to obtain (until the recent Halloween event) it seemed unfair that he be comparatively weak for the effort put in. However that has changed, bringing Gen. 1’s only Ghost type into its own!

Gyarados is another notable change, receiving a power boost despite already being one of the most powerful pokemon available. Grinding out those 400 Magikarp candies pays off even more so now!

However, it’s not all good news, Arcanine has been one of the monsters to receive a nerfing. Being one of the most popular Fire types from Gen. 1, and a pseudo-legendary, should be one of the most powerful. This isn’t to say Arcanine isn’t still great, he’s simply less great than he was, much to fans dismay.

Player views are mixed about the outcome of the update. Some are outraged at how Pokemon they have powered up have been reduced in CP, resulting in a loss of power and resources. Understandably they’re asking Niantic if they will be able to refund lost stardust and candies, necessary for strengthening others. Understandably so as it can take quite some time to amass enough candies or stardust for a power up or an evolution.

Niantic’s motivations behind rescaling certain pokemon appears to lie in helping to rebalance gym battle dynamics. Allowing trainers to use a wider range of fighters to help attack and defend gyms, rather than the same combinations over and over. The rebalancing may also be a prelude to the much anticipated release of Gen. 2’s Pokemon, who’s code was discovered after a recent update. This can be seen in Onix being granted a power boost. Being a 10km egg hatch, Onix was unreasonably weak for a 1 stage Pokemon. Snorlax and other 1 stage Pokemon are much more powerful, however Gen. 2 will introduce Steelix, Onix’s bigger brother. Not to mention Chansey getting to become Blissy.

Lets not talk about Miltank.

Maybe these changes are hints towards the impending release of Gen. 2 that trainers are eagerly awaiting. Such a change would introduce new life into the game, who’s player base has decreased dramatically from it’s original release.

Data miners have also uncovered traces of the elusive Ditto within the game code. This could signify the upcoming release of the shapeshifting blob, assuming it’s not already out there somewhere and we just haven’t found it yet.


It’s safe to say that Pokemon Go! is gearing up for something big!

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