We all think it’s fairly inevitable that The Fantastic Four are going to end up in the Marvel movies like Spider-man has, especially with the reception to the recent reboot. Though how could you go around doing that? Well, I may have an idea…

A while ago I was surfing the web and I came across the video below:

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Now after some research, I couldn’t really work out what its intention was. However, I assume it was created as a proof of concept for a Silver Surfer movie that was probably on the cards.

From a creative point of view, this is almost the diving board The Fantastic Four needs to enter the MCU pool. I mean I think Marvel have already got their Galactus toys back from Fox, so they’re close.

So as you can see in the video. The Silver Surfer encounters a kid who is then is sequestered by a bunch of guys in hazmat suits.

What if they guys in the suits were agents of SHIELD? I mean it could be one the guys in the Agents of SHIELD TV show. Maybe Coulson?

Now for the kid, what if it was Johnny Storm, Reed Richards or maybe Ben Grimm? Reed could have been inspired to become a scientist because of his interaction with the Silver Surfer and SHIELD. If you want to make it Johnny or Ben. Maybe their interaction with the Surfer-inspired them to become pilots or astronauts?

Maybe if it’s dependent on the outcome of Phase 3. What if it was a young Doctor Doom? Could this encounter have inspired a path of villainy? What if Doctor Doom’s plans to lure the Surfer back to Earth or his encounter with SHIELD leads into the origin story of this universes Fantastic Four?

Logically, I’d have thought the Fantastic Four would get introduced at the end of Phase 3 with cosmic rays hitting the First Family of Marvel in the third act of the Infinity War Part 2.

Though, what is the Silver Surfer doing on Earth? Are the destroyer of Worlds on its way? That could be a good villain for Phase 4. I mean Disney have bought Star Wars, so they want SCI-FI to be popular for as long as possible.

Then again, this may not work. Since the kid had a Terminator toy, I’d assume based on Tony Stark’s actions in Age of Ultron that The Terminator movies clearly doesn’t exist in the MCU…

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