Let’s face it, there’s a lot hanging in the balance for Nintendo and its upcoming launch of the Switch. One wrong move could send the hybrid console crashing about as hard as the Wii U. So we’re hoping that this latest rumour isn’t true.

According Emily Rogers, a reliable Nintendo tipster, Nintendo’s biggest game for the Switch, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, won’t be launching along side the upcoming console.

This information, confirmed by a number of outlet’s independent sources too, is due to Nintendo wanting to make the game as perfect as possible before launch. Localisation for the game is set to last through until the end of 2016, sources revealed, adding that “four-to-six months of testing will follow” before launch.

Of course, keen eyed gamers will note that Nintendo hasn’t actually set a date for Breath of the Wild. Instead the game has a fairly loose “2017” release. It’s just been presumed that it’d be a pretty top launch title for the console.

That being said, Nintendo hasn’t actually revealed a release date or pricing for the Switch just yet, so there’s a possibility that the console could launch much later in the year than we expect.

It’s been stated that a Mario game will be ready to launch along side the Switch, though again details are pretty non existent right now. Nintendo is set to hold an event on January 13 where they’re hopefully going to announce a release date, pricing, and whether or not it has a touch screen.

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