Lego Dimensions boasts an already impressive array of IPs incorporated into it’s library, ranging from Star Wars to Batman. The game is entering it’s second year of content deployments, including 7 huge expansions. These include: Beetlejuice, Knight Rider and The Goonies. We were invited to a quiet little event in Central London to demo some of the new content being released this year.

Our first stop (after picking up a snazzy press badge) was the cupboard under the stairs. The setup was pretty damn cozy, pillows and a sleeping bag, if we didn’t have places to be totally woulda taken a nap! This station was set up to run one of the Harry Potter levels, and Lego Hogwarts is still as much fun to explore as it ever was! The stay here was reasonably short lived, but with enough time to demo some of the characters and ride around on a small scale Hogwarts Express!

Whilst waiting in the main lobby several stations were set up with different levels and packs. One such station was Sonic the Hedgehog. A lego miniature of Sonic shouldn’t look as good as it does. The Lego Dimensions gameplay in the Sonic sections blend classic Sonic and Lego gameplay seamlessly. After thoroughly destroying a level, you’re transported to the classic halfpipe Special Stage, chasing one of the Chaos Emeralds and collecting rings.

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Next we were ushered into the “Gremlins Theatre” with a couple other players. A brief Gremlin intro played, remember the one with the silhouettes wrecking stuff? Yeah that one, being replaced with the game screen, set up for a 4-player battle arena mode! The challenges included a Capture the Flag scenario and an objective game mode where you had to complete as many tasks as quickly as possible, most complete at time up wins. The introduction of 4-player battle arenas is exactly what Lego needed, hopefully it’s a prelude to 4-player co-op! Characters unique to this one included Stripe (gremlin with a mohawk) and Gizmo (sadly no Rambo headband) both with movement styles and attacks recognizable from the movies. There were some awesome levels to explore, like a Gremlins test lab and a Casino Nights level from the Sonic franchise!

After winning the arena match (only bragging a little), it was time to re-enact the iconic scene from Mission Impossible (no, not the face masks….). Being ushered across the hall into a dimly lit corner where an attendant waited ominously next to some stairs holding a harness was only a little worrying. After stepping into the harness and climbing the stairs, you get clipped onto a rappel and face down into the vault Ethan has to infiltrate. The game screen appears quickly on the monitor of the computer in the centre of the room. Sadly, the Mission Impossible levels refused to co-operate, so instead we got to tear around Springfield, exploring the Simpsons sections! Despite being slightly out of place as Ethan Hunt, it was still alot of fun. Breaking the Simpson’s living room apart was oddly cathartic.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was the biggest part of the event (what with the movie release that day too) and was treated as such. Descending into the sub-basement level of the building introduced us to a bedroom area and an open briefcase. Stepping down into the briefcase held a cozy little hollow to sit and play Lego Dimensions in. The isolation made getting lost in the game that little easier, and 10 minutes of gameplay flew past. So as to avoid spoilers, all we will say was it was a lot of fun, and true to the LEGO style we’ve grown accustomed to over the years.


We had one final stop before leaving and that was the Adventure Time battle arena! Playing as one of the many Adventure Time cast being added to the game was an interesting one. Lumpy Space Princess’s appearance made choosing a character pretty easy. The level was naturally one set in the Adventure Time universe and set to objectives mode. The objectives seem to be the same across levels, but hopefully there will be unique ones for certain areas, but sadly the brief playtime didn’t allow for too much digging to be done (plus we were busy winning. Again.).

All in all it was a great day testing out some of the new stuff to come to the Lego Dimensions universe. Staying true to their claims, all the new expansion sets and figures will work with the base game and build pad so you don’t have to go out and buy a new one every time (….looking at you Skylanders). We only got to play a small number of the new content packs being dropped over this coming year, but it’s safe to say that they will live up to thier exceedingly high standards of gameplay!

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