Back in 2015, Warner Bros. and TT Games announced LEGO Worlds, a Minecraft-like open world sandbox game where anything is possible. Having been in Early Access for over a year, the duo have now announced when the game will be launching, as well as the addition of a console release too.

Today, Warner Bros. and TT Games have announced that LEGO Worlds will be launching on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam on February 24, 2017. Having been in Early Access since last year, the developers have used this feedback to further improve the game leading up to its launch.

“In LEGO Worlds, players will go on an exciting journey to become a Master Builder, in an open-world made completely of LEGO-built environments,” said Jonathan Smith, Head of Production, TT Games. “Whether customising characters, exploring in vehicles, building structures, or discovering an expansive range of items, characters and creatures throughout the worlds, there’s the freedom to create anything imaginable.”

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Soon after launch, we managed to get hands-on with the game where we wrote “LEGO Worlds is shaping up to be a pretty superb sandbox game and maybe even a good competitor to Minecraft.” You can read our full impressions here.

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