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The Masters Gaming Arena Championship 2016 is bringing it’s Overwatch finals to the London Gfinity Arena next week. Set to be an intense competition seeing teams battle it out to walk away with the grand prize of $40,000!

Over a month of preliminaries and head to heads has culminated in a roster of the worlds finest! A pool of 384 teams have been reduced to just 3 after 2 rounds of eliminations. The three finalists are Rise Nation, Ninjas in Pyjamas and Kongdoo Panthera with an invitational guest appearance by Fnatic! With a roster full of top class Overwatch players, the event is set to be spectacular!

Rise Nation are currently ranked 25th in the world and the 9th best team in the United States. Comprising of Kyle Phaz, Keith Hospedales, Nathan Telen, Sam Latina, Adam Wills and Mike Ryan. Boasting a win rate of 60% for November, they are a force to be reckoned with!

Finnish team, Ninjas in Pyjamas, are proudly sporting an 89% win rate from November, ranking them 2nd in Europe and 3rd in the world. Teammates Joonas Alakurtti, Lauri Rasi, Joona Laine, Antti Kinnunen, Aleksi Kunti and Kalle Honkala are sure to start big and aim to maintain, if not improve, their impressive stats. They also have an incredible team name, safe to say they’re a personal favourite.


Kongdoo Panthera will be representing Korea as World Number 21 and 6th on the Asian continent! Kongdoo will be entering the final stage riding a 10 win streak. Such a feat will no doubt draw a lot of attention amongst the other players. Hyunjin Choi, Jiho An, GyoMin Koo, Sangwon Yoon, Rascal (their real name wasn’t listed…) and Bumjun Lee will be carrying the torch, hoping to secure the top spot!

Guest team Fnatic are a multinational team, based in North America. Fnatic will be entering with a 60% win rate from November. However, ranked 3rd in NA and 6th worldwide they should not be taken lightly! Built up by Matt Iorio, Faraaz Waris, Scott Kennedy, Casey Mcilwaine, Oliver Lager, Rob Malecki and Hafþór Hákonarson will be staking their claim on the $40,000 prize.

Commentary and analysis will be provided by a host of experts and players such as Soembie, UberShouts, ZP, Sideshow and Hexagrams. Viewers at home will be able to follow the Grand Finals, play-by-play, with the MSIGamingAMEU twitch channel!

Double Eliminations will be taking place Dec 7 with the Grand Finals following on Dec 8, you can purchase tickets to the event right here.

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