Morgana Persona 5

The release of Persona 5 – the latest entry in the popular social sim/JRPG series of the same name – draws ever nearer. As such, ATLUS have released a new episode of their Persona 5 “Introducing” video series showcasing the game’s adorable, felonious mascot character – the variably anthropomorphic kittycat Morgana.

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The video gives us a little bit of insight into Morgana’s headstrong character and maybe a slight hint at what could be either her backstory or her motivation, depending on one’s interpretation of the line “My appearance might have changed, but I’m still an admirable human.”

That’s not all though – ATLUS also posted an interview with Cassandra Lee Morris, the voice behind Morgana, where she talks about her experience playing the character and a little bit of her history with the series. Clearly she was purr-fect for the role. Don’t worry, I’ll see myself out.

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Persona 5 is currently slated for a worldwide release on February 14th, 2017 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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