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Fandom has done it again and has brought something back from the dead. With a third season of Young Justice being confirmed by Warner Bros. earlier this week, what characters do I want to  see in Season 3 of Young Justice? Who should come and crash the mode?

Young Justice has be brought back from the dead for a third season and people are now dusting off all the memorable catchphrases that the show contained. Get ready for the mode to be crashed, to be whelmed and to say hello to Megan a lot.

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time fans of a DC property have brought something back to life.

Back in the 90s when Hal Jordan turned evil, die hard fought tooth had nail to have their favourite emerald knight brought back, and they succeeded in the early 2000s.

Of course, it’s kind of logical to assume that Young Justice will have to deal with the Darkseid cliff hanger, but it doesn’t mean a whole bunch of characters couldn’t turn up in the meantime.

Here’s who I think should roll up in season 3:


The Legion of Superheroes: The Legion of Superheroes are a group of teen heroes from the 31st century who were inspired to become heroes by the legend of Superman.

Over the years this team has been subject numerous re-launches and retcons thanks to DC’s revisionist editorial policy. In some versions, they are inspired by Superman and in others, they are not.

One constant in all DC’s retcons is the Teen Titans, so wouldn’t it make more sense for the Legion to be inspired by a teen superhero group? I mean Young Justice is a mix of Teen Titans and the Young Justice comics. Their introduction could be about some of the characters travelling back in time to put back Bart Allen back in the right time period?

I mean aren’t we ready for a new version of this time soon anyway?

Hawke and Dearden are on the far right.
Hawke and Dearden are on the far right.

Mia Dearden and Connor Hawke: You know how cross both Roy Harpers are with Green Arrow being a bit of a rubbish mentor and how they always felt like they were a bit second class?

Well, how cross do you think both of them will feel when Oliver Queens love child Connor Hawke rolls up making him the heir to the Green Arrow archery set?

Not as cross as they will be if they found Oliver Queen has a new Speedy, since right now no one is using that alias and currently he is without a sidekick.

We Are Robin: How would Tim Drake and Dick Grayson cope with the fact that they have so much sidekick competition?

I mean Lex Luthor’s ex-pet super team shows that Young Justice are not the only team of teen heroes running around.

Since the We Are Robin book has come to an end, which I kind of saw coming and it didn’t feel like it’d last for long as it was so tied into the current replacement hero story running in Batman, maybe they’d have a place in Young Justice?

Of all those mutants… I mean metas, that are popping up quicker than acne on a teen, it would make sense that some normal kids may want in some of the action?

The Captain Marvel Family looking unusually sinister.
The Captain Marvel Family looking unusually sinister.

Captain Marvel Junior and Mary Marvel: Back in the 90s the Teen Titans book asked readers who they wanted to join the team, fans voted for Robin, but DC Editorial wouldn’t have it, so instead Captain Marvel Junior was drafted.

I think the team could do with another power heavy hero or two, enter the sidekicks of Captain Marvel.

Since Captain Marvel is a little too old be on the team, I think Captain Marvel Junior and Mary Marvel (lady Captain Marvel in a nutshell) would be a fun addition to the team and could introduce an inferiority complex to Superboy who already feels like has to live up to Superman’s legacy.


Supergirl: Speaking of insecurity and having a big cape to fill, what if the last daughter of Krypton turned up? I mean Superboy’s relationship with Superman is already a little awkward and what if Superman’s cousin just made things a little stranger?

Part of me kind of wants any version of Supergirl that turns up in Young Justice to be the Matrix Supergirl, who was basically a machine from a parallel universe, just so it’s different from the TV show.

Though I doubt they’ll do that.

Donna Troy: Cassie Sandsmark didn’t get a lot to do in Season 2 of Young Justice so introducing the original Wonder Girl could give her some justified screen time.

Especially of you tried to adapt the Who is Donna Troy storyline. Which is an interesting egg I’d like to see cracked open.

How would a cartoon go around crack such a complex narrative that defined this fairly important character to the Teen Titans cannon?

Jesse Quick: I kind of really liked Jesse Quicks 90s costume and since Bart Allen still has a lot of growing up to do, having another speedster on the scene could help him do that.

Or maybe they could utilise that really cool Kid Flash that was introduced in DC’s Five Years Later story event which introduced a Kid Flash from Earth 2 who uses electricity to fuel her powers?

Or they could just do what they did in the comics and have Deathstroke shoot him in the knee which then prompts him to read every book in the San Francisco Library.

Just offering a choice.

In terms of storylines, I would kind of like to see an adaption of Sins of Youth? Where all the grownups and kids have their ages switched around?

The story was done in the comedic light-hearted style of the Young Justice comics of its time, but I mean they did adapt the introductory Young Justice storyline where the kids and adults were dumped in different dimensions.

I mean, it was loosely based on it, but the simple idea was left un-touched. The adults think they’re living a world of only grownups and kids think all the adults are gone in their world.

If they’ve got a Season 3. I mean them doing these things is fairly feasible right?

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