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Earlier this week we wrote about the recent discovery of the names of second generation Pokémon hidden within the code of Pokémon Go. Although they’re currently not in the game, it shows that Niantic Labs are preparing to add the second generation into the game, and that might just be what Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke is talking about.

Speaking with GamesRadar, Hanke teased that Pokémon Go will “always” have secrets embedded in the app, because they’re always adding them. Huh.

“There’s one out there right now and we’ll see how that plays out over the course of the next few weeks,” Hanke teased, presumably referring to the recent addition of second gen Pokémon. Sadly, when pressed further, Hanke said  “I am not giving you any clues.”

The latest big update to Pokémon Go was the Halloween update which landed at the end of last month which added a few new features. In addition, a recent update added Daily Bonuses to the game, as well as code which lists second-gen monsters.


Here’s hoping those new Pokémon arrive soon, eh?

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