Remedy Entertainment

Remedy Entertainment, the developers behind titles like Alan Wake and Quantum Break, have teased an imminent announcement for a new title.

The trailer titled “The Greatest Trailer of All Time” is a 20 second long montage of Sam Lake, Creative Director of Remedy Entertainment introducing himself before stating a new game is soon to be announced.

Though this trailer is somewhat a bit different then your standard trailer, this is Remedy Entertainment that we are talking about. The Finnish studio is known for being a bit weird and wonderful. Though this new game is unlikely to be a new Alan Wake game, it would still be nice to see. This new announcement is most likely to be a new IP all together.

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Remedy Entertainment of course released Quantum Break as it’s most recent game, but they are also working on a number of things. They announced earlier in the year that they would be working with Korean Publisher Smilegate on Crossfire 2. Remedy Entertainment would be handling the story mode of the military first-person shooter but it’s unknown if the announcement will be related to Crossfire 2.

The announcement from Remedy Entertainment is expected to be made in the coming days so keep your eyes and ears ready for more word from Remedy Entertainment.

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