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Remedy Entertainment recently released the “Greatest Game Trailer Ever” which lead many to believe that Remedy Entertainment would be announcing a new game. Well, the announcement has come out and it’s not a new game but it is something related.

The new video titled ‘Making Games Is Hard’ was released over on Remedy Entertainment’s YouTube channel and it conclused the teaser video we were given recently. Though the new video is not as exiciting as the “Greatest Game Trailer Ever” would have us hope it is in fact a recruitment video for Remedy Entertainment. The video is also an intersting and funny blooper reel of sorts for Quantum Break that shows a more detailed look at how game development can lead to some rather funny, and scary, moments.

The complete video encourages people to head over to Remedy Entertainment’s career page and look at the jobs that the company has avaiable. This would of course mean that the new game they ‘teased’ would be a reality for you, because you know. You will be working on it.

Regardless, Remedy Entertainment have done a rather bizarre take on sorting out a marketing stunt to catch the attention of the masses. Its worked, but I cannot help but feel just a little bit let down by the fact it is not a new game announcement. Still given that Quantum Break was not released too far back, it would make sense for the company to not be ready to reveal anything just yet.

You can see the new video “Making Games Is Hard” and enjoy the laughs that it holds. Why not also check out the Remedy Entertainment careers page and see if anything takes your fancy. For now however, no new game from Remedy Entertainment.

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