The incredible action packed action platformer RunGunJumpGun is making it’s way to iOS and Android today.

Developed by ThirtyThree Games and published by Gambitious Digital Entertainment. RunGunJumpGun is a ‘just one more go’ game where you run, gun and jump your way through neon filled levels. Requiring skill and patience RunGunJumpGun will see players raging and blasting whiles listening to a rocking soundtrack. As the debut game for developer ThirtyThree Games and it is one to definitely check out if you have not already.

Now the amazing game is coming to mobile today on both iOS and Android for the price of £2.29. The game has already received a ‘Editors’ Choice’ label on the Apple App Store. The below trailer gives a good taste of RunGunJumpGun for those who are fresh to it.

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Having reviewed RunGunJumpGun when it first came out on Steam I can say that it is fantastic to see it come to mobile. The beautifully crafted gameplay present within RunGunJumpGun is what really drives the game forward. With one one button to shoot forward to deal the hurt and another to shoot downwards and rocket yourself into the skies. This two button control scheme is transferred perfectly to smart phones and tablets with each button linked to one half of the screen.

If that is not enough for you then the visual style of RunGunJumpGun will be a treat to your eyes. The soundtrack alongside is another element of RunGunJumpGun that drives the crazy, neon style forward. In a universe full of bizarre characters and wonderful dialog. RunGunJumpGun is honestly a gem worth everyone’s time.

If you want to know more about RunGunJumpGun make sure to check out our full review here.


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