While you’ll often find me drooling over the DJI Osmo Mobile, you’ll likely never find one in my hands. I just can’t quite justify paying almost £300 for a fancy selfie stick. However, in comes the Vimble S, a new smartphone gimbal that’s just launched on Kickstarter which costs just $179 (around £150).

Now, at a glance the Vimble S looks pretty similar to the DJI Osmo Mobile, but the Vimble S comes packed with features and a companion app with a few tricks of its own.

The Vimble S is a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer specifically engineered for smartphones, it comes with intuitive one-handed controls, a pretty fantastic 8-hour battery live, and near-silent motors that won’t disturb your video audio.

Pair that with the ViCam companion app, you’ll be able to use the gimbal to automatically make panoramas, as well as track faces and control various aspects of your photo taking with the touch of a button.

All of this comes packed in a pretty nice priced package at just $179. The campaign launched today and is looking to raise HKD $399,999 which is around £42,000.

While the Vimble S might not come with the fancy DJI nametag, it does offer similar, if not more features than DJI’s gimbal at a fraction of the price.

You can head to the Vimble S Kickstarter campaign to read more about the device as well as to pledge to grab your own.

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