Summer Lesson

In a recent issue of the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu, the sales chart of the Japanese market in October was published. On this list was the PlayStation VR exclusive title Summer Lesson as the best selling VR title for the month of October.

Summer Lesson, developered by Bandai Namco, is a PlayStation VR exclusive where players interact with young girls in intimate proximity. Though to many it might be seen as a bit creepy or odd, it is however a great example of how the PlayStation VR – and virtual reality in general – can allow us to connect to virtual characters on a deeper level. With it’s detailed models and locations it is an impressive showpiece of the current technology available to developers.

In the sale chart published by Weekly Famitsu, Summer Lesson was the second highest selling title for the month and the best selling PlayStation VR title. In fact, no other PlayStation VR title made the top ten list for the month. The full list can be seen below and is only for digital downloads:

1: Battlefield 1 – PS4 – 43,552
2: Summer Lesson – PS4 – 27,027
3: Kitchen – PS4 – 23,454
4: Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization – PS4 – 22,823
5: Blazbue Central Fiction – PS4 – 15,485 pcs.
6: Monster Hunter Stories – 3DS – 12,690
7: FIFA 17 – PS4 – 10,286
8: Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization – PS Vita- 9,391
9: World of Final fantasy – PS4 – 8,428
10: Persona 5 – PS4 – 7,344

It’s impressive to see a PlayStation VR title so high up on the list but will Summer Lesson be able to keep up this pace? Given that PlayStation VR has a limited user base from the initial few weeks of sales this number might slow down on it’s growth moving forward but with Christmas almost here, who knows? For a better look at Summer Lesson you can find a trailer for the PlayStation VR exclusive title below.

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