For those of you still saddened by the death of Vine there’s some potential good news on the horizon as the short-form video app could remain alive and kicking thanks to a potential sale – and no, not to pornhub.

According to a report from TechCrunch, multiple bidders have approached Twitter about acquiring the app and its assets. The report didn’t go into too much detail about who these potential bidders are, though pornhub could indeed be one of them, but it looks as if Japanese messaging platform Line is, well… first in line.

The issue is that many of those pawing at the prospect of owning the app aren’t willing to part with too much cash for the service, with bids coming in at just under $10 million. Twitter has also narrowed the pool of bidders from around 10 to 5, according to the report.

Twitter of course still remains to benefit from the app, even if it does sell at a fairly low price, thanks to the integration of the two platforms. However, Twitter themselves couldn’t even come to an agreement of the sale of their own platform, so perhaps Vine may suffer the same fate?

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