Vampire: The Masquerade

Welcome to Tokyo, but not the Tokyo you know so well. This is Tokyo as seen in the World of Darkness Tabletop RolePlaying (RP) System. Join Spud and the gang in their misadventures through the vampiric underworld of Tokyo! Protecting the Masquerade, furthering Maeda’s designs and just generally causing all kinds of havoc.

Our players are as follows: Matthew Cullen (Spud) – An Australian Nosferatu campaigner for Human Welfare, Reiner Jarswick (Toby) – A Norweigen Tzmiece doctor, Magic Man (Jake) – An Australian Mehket magician and Val Alucard (Connor) – A Romanian Ventrue language tutor.

The Tokyo Underworld is ruled by four warring vampire corporations; Maeda, The Takehashi Family, Ume House and Hototogoitsu. Recently however, Korean vampires have begun organising themselves and challenging the corporations for control of the city.

Maeda tasked Rudy Van Mirren with ambushing and capturing one such Korean vampire, in order to torture him and discover as much information about their organisation as possible. The attempt failed horribly, resulting in Chon Yu’s escape into hiding, leaving the group to track him down and bring him in.

Maeda being the benevolent souls (despite being soul-less monsters) that they are, give the team a second chance, replacing Rudy with Reiner and supplying them with Chon Yu’s new location. Reiner is an expert in “disappearing” such troublesome assets and employed to help spearhead Maeda’s operations in relation to the Korean vampire situation.

The team gather at Takeso High School, abandoned during the ill-fated <expansion project>, the dreary building is the perfect place for a vampire lair.

“Me and Magic will go inside and convince Chon Yu to come with us to Magic’s ‘safehouse’,” Explains Val, “I will call Hisako and tell her to visit us during the day, whilst we are sleeping. Then she can enter, stake Yu in his torpor and then we can deliver him to Maeda at sunset.”

“Solid plan mate, tread careful though. He’s a slippery bastard!” warns Matt as Magic blinks out of visibilty and follows Val into the school. “Lets get outta sight, mate.” Reiner sitting in the driver’s seat of the dark van across the road.

Val looms towards the building, Magic tailing him invisibly, calling to Yu. “Yu, it is I, Val! Your tutor! I followed you here! I vant to help!” His voice echoed along the halls, “I have somevhere safe we can go. You vill be safe from these Maeda dogs!”

“Val? How did you find me!?” yells Chon Yu from the stairs.

“I followed you! If I found you then it can only be a matter of time before those Maeda dogs find you! Come, ve must away! Ve have a safe house at the docks, no one will find us there.” answers Val, climbing the stairs.

“Hmm…yes, perhaps you are right! Quickly, up here!” says Yu, leading to the upper floor. The rooms all ruined by the years of neglect, except one. A large lab room with benches lined with emanciated children, chained to their desks. Cables trailing from their necks to a box in the floor. Chon Yu walks to the window, catching a flicker of movement from the corner of his eye. “YOU WERE FOLLOWED!! Quickly throw that switch!” Screams Yu, pointing at the box on the floor and sprinting into another room. An electric hum blooms from the corridoor, accompanied by the scent of burning flesh.

Val throws the switch and instantly the box hums to life, electrocuting the children. Their bodies animated by the current, fix empty eyes on Val, following him around the room. Outside a storm has exploded around the building. Rain lashing against the windows. A monstorous skeletal form rises up from the ground and begins pacing the area. “Vhat the hell is that!?” Demands Val, chasing Yu through the building.

“That is a Gashadokuro. A defence mechanism. We should be safe, but we must leave.” answers Yu, climbing the stairs to the roof.

“STOP!” yells Val, his dominating tone falling on deaf ears though as Yu sprints away at inhumane speeds. “Damn vampires! Curse him! Magic, Vhat do Ve do?” Val turns to see Magic shift back into visibility near the windows.

“Well mate, it looks to me like we’re fucked,” he says, bending to pick up an overturned stool, “I’m going this way. You’re welcome to follow!” as he throws the stool through the window. With a quick, graceful leap through the shattered glass he leaves. Landing below in the storm he walks towards the gates.

The Gashadokuro, drawn to the noise, leans down towards Magic. Bending a huge, vacant black void to Magic, it paused as if judging the presence. “Hello mate. I’m er….I’m just gunna be off then.” with that, Magic begins backing away from the skeletal giant. The looming creature turns to watch him leave but otherwise remains deathly still.

Val’s phone begins to ring. “Hello, Val Alucard. How may I be of service?”

“Do you have the target?”

“YOU! You set me up! Chon Yu is gone and now there is some monstrosity roaming the schoolyard!”

“You let him escape? Well we can hardly say we are surprised. What monstrosity? What did you do this time?”

“ME!? I turned up where you said he would be, I tried to convince him to come to a ‘safe’ location with us so that we could stake him and bring him to you. Then suddenly he yells, electrocutes some children and then this big skeleton man walks past the window. Now he’s gone and here I stand. How are you going to get me out?”

“Us? Get you out? We fail to see how this situation is anything other than a product of your gross incompetence. You and your team are on your own.”

“You can’t leave-!” shouts Val as the call dies in his ear “Bastards! Fine, Val ve vill just have to get out ourselves. To hell with those Maeda scum!” Val strides off towards a fire exit on the otherside of the building. Opening the door to the raging storm outside, the rain clears for a moment, giving a brief glimpse of a ghostly apparation on the grass.

The figure appears to be floating aimlessly back and forth, muttering to itself, “Mawp. Mawp. Mawp.” Val descends the stairs and jumps to the gravel path below. The crunch of small stones snaps the creatures head towards the noise, beginning to drift towards him.

“Stop! I command you!” Val shouts, the dominating tone once again going unheard as the creature continues onwards. Dusting himself off, Val runs around the nearest corner of the building, greeted by the Gashadokuro’s gigantic skeletal foot. “Kill that thing!” he yells once more, pointing towards the ghostly being. The Gashadokuro slowly draws it’s foot back and whips it forward at a blistering speed, the rain turning to steam in the air as it passes, and blasting Val backwards into a rusted tin shed.

Looking around for the nearest fence, Val leaps to his feet and runs. Scaling the fence quickly, hearing the soft “Mawp. Mawp. Mawp.” behind him as he lands the other side of the fence, the sky clear above him. Running over to the van and climbing into the backseat, the others look at his dripping wet clothes quzzically.

“You er, fall down a drain or something, there mate?” asks Matt.

“No you fool! You not see the rain? Are you blind as vell as dumb!?” replies Val angrily.

“What rain, mate? There’s been nothing going on here. Magic here says you spooked our boy?”

“ME!? It was your dumbass peering around the van that tipped him off!”

“Mate, I’ve not bloody moved since we got here. We were waiting for you to call us in.”

“Vell you could have come running when that monster started stomping around!”

“What monster mate? We’ve not heard a peep from over there.”

“That one!” Val points out the window, seeing clearly across the ground, no trace of the storm raging beyond the gates to the school.

“Right mate. Whatever. Where’s Yu?”

“He is gone! Scared off by you!”

“We have not moved from this spot. It must have been you who tipped him off that all was not as it appears!” chimes in Reiner.

“Nah mate, nah he definitely saw you guys, I was watching!” replies Magic.

“Well regardless, we gotta find him. You give him the safe house location at least?”

“He knows it is at the docks, he ran before I could say more.”

“Magic, go wait for him there and see if you can find him. Hopefully he will show up looking for sanctuary. Do Maeda know?”


“Oh fan-fucking-tastic. Come on boys, lets get outta here and see what we can find out. I’ll go find Weaver and see what he’s seen.” Matt taking charge of the situation as Reiner drives away.

Everone going their separate ways, it’s not long until Magic spots Yu, wandering lost along the docks. “‘Ey mate! You Val’s friend? He said you’d be along. Come on inside mate. We’ll get you disappeared before anything happens, don’t worry.” Yu bustles inside, setting down a heavy looking backpack by the kitchen counter. “It’s not much but it’ll keep you off the radar for a while. You stay here and I’ll go get us something to eat.” Magic walks outside, texting everyone “The eagle is in the nest, get over here.” as he sets off to find a suitable meal for the night.

Returning 10 minutes later with a subdued homeless man over his shoulder, he notices the door to his appartment has been left open and there are figures moving around inside. Blinking into invisibility, Magic creeps closer to the door. Peering inside he spots 4 suited figures, all kindred, searching the room.

One figure has his phone to his ear, “He’s not here. There’s nothing. Not even that magician guy. Nope, no sign of him. We’ll keep looking.” Closing the phone he gestures to the others and turn to leave.

Magic steps into the doorframe, reappearing in front of them. “Well you’ve fucked it up now!” he shouts. Before anyone can react the room explodes, catapulting Magic out across the pavement, landing a charred heap on the ground.

Within a few minutes first responders have arrived, along with Val and Reiner. The fire fighters get to work immediately trying to suppress the spreading flames, whilst the paramedics spread out to help the wounded. Reiner stops the van by Magic’s charred body, Val disembarking to check on him.

A medic runs over, placing his medical bag on the floor “Oh my god! He’s still conscious! How the hell is he still alive!?”

“Ve are doctors, ve vill help him!” Val says attempting to hoist Magic into the van.

“He needs a hospital, we can get him there much faster than this shit heap. We got this!”

“Go, help those in there!” commands Val, gesturing towards the figures rising from the flames consuming the building. The medic runs towards the blaze as Val closes the door that they speed away. “May the Night help those poor fools…”

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