Virtual Reality is the biggest technological trend of 2016 and as more devices are launched and hardware prices are driven down, many businesses are looking to capitalise on VR going mainstream.

The technology is one of the most popular buzzwords in tech for good reason; the possibilities offered by virtual reality are immense. From video games to education and travel, VR is transforming many sectors and now the mobile gambling industry is also joining the bandwagon. Virtual reality is set to transform mobile gambling in a major way and the biggest players in the sector are adopting the technology to their products. As discussed below, the implications are varied, and huge:

Big Mobile Gambling Brands Move into VR

As with any up and coming technology, the popularity of Virtual Reality has seen gambling operators and casinos make moves to provide their services in VR. This seems like a natural progression that started with online sites, moved to mobile, and will now also include virtual and augmented reality. Not only is the new technology being adopted by casino operators for its popularity; as mentioned above, there are many possibilities that it affords to big brands and how they present their services, attract new users as well as retain them.

Consider how much more intriguing it will be to compare bingo sites in a purely online setting against a virtual reality one, as the lines between reality and the virtual world are blurred even further. Their aim will be to make customers feel as close to being in a real casino as possible to maximise their mobile gambling experiences.

How Virtual Reality is set to Transform Mobile Gambling

A good place to start is by looking at how VR will affect the mobile gambling industry. As mentioned above the possibilities brought about by the technology are varied. VR’s adoption rate has exploded in recent months and indications are that the technology will not be just a passing fad. Mobile gambling generates billions of dollars annually and has a large and active user base. And gambling operators will be optimistic that such tech-savvy users will adopt their VR content in numbers when it becomes available.

The advent of the smartphone and internet connected devices meant that gambling operators could take advantage of mobile computing to bring the casino to the players. As the number of customers at their physical locations shrink, casinos have shown their ability to evolve and embrace innovation. Virtual reality headsets and other technologies allow users to immerse themselves in a variety of experiences in the comfort of their own home. With that in mind, this means VR will go beyond anything currently available in mobile gambling on smart devices by fully immersing punters into a life-like casino setting.

When it comes to virtual reality and mobile gambling, it is still early days, but the technology holds huge promise for the industry. As more big gambling brands embrace VR for offering their services it will be interesting to see how they utilise the technology and deliver their content but there is no doubt that it will mean that players will get even closer to a real casino experience.

This article was written by Derek Bondola, an in-house content writer for Sense PR.

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