Wonder Woman is the next instalment in the DC Extended Universe and it’s second trailer lays a little more story on us.

Honestly, folks, I cannot stand the soundtrack to this movie already, I though the soundtrack to Batman vs. Superman hit several bum notes and the Wonder Woman soundtrack feels like an assault on the ear drums.

The trailer has Gal Gadot talking about how she wanted to save the world, but she doesn’t want to do that anymore, maybe this is why World War 1 is the chosen setting for this movie, since history has looked back on World War 1 as being a senseless conflict of horrific violence which could’ve been avoided.

This is also the era when men and woman had clear jobs and roles in society, so maybe some of the film will be based around  an outsider grappling with these roles that society had placed on gender at the time and how it was starting to change.

Maybe that’s some of the story, Wonder Woman does age slower than most humans, maybe World War Two sours her on humanity.

Anyway, this is the story we’ve seen so far, Steve Trevor (played by Star Trek’s Chris Prine) has crashed on Paradise Island, home the Amazonians, a race of warrior woman who have kept their culture very similar to Ancient Greece and Rome.

When Steve tells Dianna about World War 1, she feels compelled to go the outside world and fight the bad guys. The bad guys in question include X-men Origins Wolverine’s Danny Houston and his female henchman who I assume will be the direct nemesis of Wonder Woman.

It’s not really a superhero movie without the bad guys having some kind of master weapon of destruction, in this case it looks like some sort of gas?

Either way, we’ll see some fight scenes in the trenches and her bulletproof gauntlets.

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The YouTube videos description is “It begins with her” maybe this will explain more of the story of the Justice League. We’ll find out when Wonder Woman hits theatres in June.

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