Worlds Adrift

Upcoming sandbox MMO by developers Bossa Studio Worlds Adrift has been delayed until Q1 2017.

The upcoming title from the team behind Surgeon Simulator and I am Bread have announced via a recent blog post that Worlds Adrift will be delayed. The upcoming title is an open world, sandbox, MMO where players can build legendary skyships and fly through the clouds to explore floating islands.

Using the technology created by Improbable, Bossa Studio are able to simulate real-world physics on a scale never achieved before for thousands of players in real-time. Speaking in a blog post they made the following statement in regards to the release of Worlds Adrift.

“We really did hope to release the game in 2016, but we still have a little more work to do to ensure the game is fun, balanced and of course, optimized. It was gratifying to see that you, the community, also stressed the importance of releasing Worlds Adrift when it is in tip-top condition rather than rushing it out half-baked. We really appreciated your candor on this matter and it certainly gave us pause for thought!”

Though it is a shame to have to wait longer for the title Bossa Studios did also detail the latest, and largest update, soon to release to the closed alpha. This update will include a number of improvements and new features including:

Knowledge – Islands now have ancient Saborian databanks scattered around. Scan these for Knowledge, which you can use to specialise your character in the Knowledge tree tab of your character sheet.

New Shipyard – The new Shipyard makes its debut! Build your custom ship frame exactly how you want: tall and skinny or wide and flat, small and sleek or big and bulky, it’s all up to you

Loot – Islands now contain lootable containers, where ancient schematics are now found.

Pistols – The crossbow has been replaced by the pistol, which should be easier to aim with.

Combat – ranged combat has had a complete overhaul, and rebalance, so ship combat will involve lots of cannons, and big ship fights.

Male character – Many of you have been asking for this feature for a long time. Well, it’s finally here. You can now play as a gentleman of the skies.

Sails – Sails are now craftable and attachable to decks. A ship now only technically needs a core and a sail to fly, though it’s probably still a good idea to add a reviver. Pay attention to the direction of the wind!

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Worlds Adrift is set to release into early access on PC sometime Q1 2017.

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