Despite the PlayStation 4 having an almost three year winning streak, it’s looking like Microsoft’s Xbox One may be clawing its way back as it’s once again the best selling console in the US according to the NPD Group.

October’s NPD Report has revealed that the Xbox One is once again the victor and is the best selling console in the US for the fourth month running. This follows the news that the console had scored its second month in first place in the UK, and was also the best selling console in Australia last month, too.

Of course this is likely thanks to the arrival of the upgraded Xbox One S which has been on sale since E3 in June. Sony on the other hand have been waiting until the holiday season to release the PlayStation 4 Pro, a competitor to the Xbox One S. It’ll be interesting to see if the console still stays in first place over the Christmas period.

Both the Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 Pro offer similar features, both hope to make the most of 4K TV’s and both offer HDR. Both also hope to squeeze that little bit of extra visual fidelity out of games too. However Microsoft has had the upper hand thanks to the company launching the console earlier this year.

“Thanks to the passion of Xbox fans worldwide and their continued excitement for Xbox One S, Xbox One was once again the best-selling console in October in the US, U.K. and Australia according to NPD Group and GfK Entertainment,” Xbox’s head of marketing Mike Nichols said in a statement. “Xbox One has been the best-selling console in the U.S. for the past four months, and in the U.K. and Australia in each of the last two months.”

It’s definitely a win for Microsoft, but we’re wondering just how long that will last.

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