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For a while it’s been rumoured that Microsoft had plans to launch a much smaller, standalone Xbox TV streaming device at some point this year. Seeing as this year is almost over, however, it’s looking likely that the company has scrapped those plans, or at least put them on hold for now.

According to a new report by Windows Central, Microsoft has completely given up on the standalone TV sticks. Believed to work in a similar fashion to the Chromecast, the HDMI dongle would allow users to run Universal Windows Platform application and certain games too. Microsoft was also apparently done with development and was preparing to manufacture around 300,000 units, but they have since shelved the product.

The report also touches on Microsoft’s E3 briefing adding that Microsoft had no real plans to announce Project Scorpio, but the leaks pointing to Sony unveiling the PS4 Pro forced Microsoft’s hands. Little did they know that they’d essentially be first out of the gates on this one.

Microsoft’s choice to shelve the Xbox TV devices is, according to the report, to shift focus directly onto their consoles now, rather than other products. Whether it comes back in the future is another question, but seeing as Microsoft are slowly moving away from the all-in-one entertainment system model, it looks unlikely.

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