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They say no superhero ever stays dead, and that’s probably why Young Justice is coming back for Season 3.

Loosely based on the late 90s replacement to the failed Teen Titans of the era, the cult animation is back as dedicated fans have kept hope alive since the announcement of it being cancelled after just two seasons.

Despite the show doing very well, except for a few dud episodes and a couple of tedious catch phrases (Hello Megan!), the show was constantly taken off air for months at a time. Because of this, the dense connected storyline was lost on many and sadly, Warner Bros. was forced to cancel despite the show being left on a cliffhanger.

At the same time, Green Lantern: The Animated Series was took off air for the same reasons. The show as replaced with the ill-fated Beware the Batman which was also culled with no real explanation.

The last teen DC superhero show that was left standing was Teen Titans Go! which seemed to be aimed at a much younger audience despite being based off the cult Teen Titans animation of 2003.

Luckily for us, Warner has just announced that Young Justice will be getting a Season 3, hopefully the following cliffhangers will be addressed:

  • What will happen to Vandal Savage’s alliance with Darkseid and Gordon G Godfrey?
  • Will Bart Allen be able to live up to the mantle of Kid Flash in Wally’s absence and could he be raised from the dead?
  • Will Tigress rejoin the team or will she go rogue with her new identity?
  • Will Nightwing rejoin the team after taking a break?
  • Will Aqualad be welcomed back with open arms?
  • Is Static Shock joining the team and what will happen to rogue Arsenal?
  • Are we going to see anymore obscure 90s teen heroes joining the roster like Lagoon Boy? Like Flamebird or Captain Marvel Junior?

No air date has been set, but this was some good news to wake up to.

Check for updates on season 3 here.


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