I’m kind of interested to see how the other DCEU movies turn out since Batman vs. Superman, especially Aquaman. However, just in case they fail I have a solid business plan in the works…

I’ve been reminded that the Aquaman movie exists because of the recent news that Patrick Wilson has been cast as Aquaman’s evil half-brother, The Ocean Master. You may know Patrick Wilson from The Watchmen as he played the owl-themed vigilante, Nite Owl, and he was the voice of the US President in Batman vs. Superman.

Non-comic book folks may know him from the second season of Fargo.

But anyway, I digress. Product Placement is when a product or service is embedded into a movie or TV show. It’s become a more common thing now, with cars usually being the main feature. It meant you subtly advertise your products to anyone watching your product.

It’s like how The Avengers wear under armour, or how everyone in a film uses Sony Laptops, or the latest mobile phones.

With this, you help generate the revenue for the upcoming 2018 Aquaman movie, so I’ve got a few ideas of products that can be subtly stuck into view.

Tribord Scuba Mask

Courtesy of the Tribord website

It makes sense right? Eagle-eyed viewers will remember this product featuring prominently on an episode of the UK Apprentice. Since a lot of Aquaman will take place around the water, a scuba mask or two would make sense.

Maybe some of the normal human characters can use it? Or if one of the characters got attacked by a shark they could be wearing this if Aquaman saved them?

The Classic Paddle Boat

A corny classic, maybe, but you never know it could become an iconic Aquaman vehicle Just like how Tim Burton’s Batwing became so interwoven with the Batman mythos?

Again it makes sense and you never know. We could see a boom in sales of it’s done right.

Scuba Batman

Just like Nick Fury and R2D2, Batman is going to become a constant for this young film universe.

Since Aquaman will spend a lot of his time underwater. This’d be a great time for the toy designers at Warner Bros to finally bring back to life one of the many scuba and water themed Batman toys we’ve seen over the years.

Finally a legitimate excuse for a themed Batman action figure!

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