If you’ve been hankering for a “It’s Fun to Eat At the Rye-MCA Burger” or a “Pickle My Funny Bone Burger”, then you may be in luck, especially if you live in Los Angeles.

According to Eater LA, owner of the restaurant Eggslut, Alvin Cailan, will be hosting a Bob’s Burgers art exhibition at his incubator, Unit 120. What’s more, during a 10-day run, art connoisseurs will also be able to grab a run of one-off burgers done in conjunction with a handful of guest chefs.

The main restaurant will be turned into an art gallery with a take-out window offering a handful of burgers for patrons of the event.

The exhibition itself will feature artwork from Bob’s Burgers artists and begins today (Thursday, December 1) running through to Saturday, December 10 in Chinatown. Sadly there’s no confirmation right now as to which chefs or artists will be appearing.

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