Recently the internet has been awash with a campaign to bring Brendan Fraser back to the big screen. The much loved actor starred in some brilliant movies such as The Mummy, Bedazzled, and Airheads. Sadly, other than a guest appearance in The Affair, he’s hardly on our screens anymore.

The campaign seems a little out there and weird, but it’s actually quite impressive to see. There’s been a massive out pouring of love for the man in an effort to get him back in some leading roles. This comes off the news that he has to pay $900,000 in annual alimony to his now divorced wife. Brendan and his now ex-wife Afton Smith announced their divorce in 2007.

The couple had been married for 9 years and have been divorced for as long now. In 2013, Fraser petitioned the courts to reduce the amount payable as he was unable to meet it.

The #BringBackBrendan campaign was started December 18, 2016 and reached over 27,000 supporters in just 5 days! You can join the petition to show your support for returning this hero to our screen over on

The campaign started after the announcement of the new Mummy reboot was not to include Brendan, the man who starred in the original 3 movies. Yes, there were three. The third one was actually great in it’s own right. In recent interviews Brendan has appeared quite down-trodden and sad according to some fans, sparking them to ignite this mission.

Image sharing website Imgur was hit with a “Front Page Takeover”. This involved users posting pictures of Brendan and links to the petition in order to raise awareness. The #BringBrendanBack has received thousands of mentions on Twitter. Fans posting pictures and reminiscing their favourite moments from his career. He was Ben in Scrubs for Christ’s sake. Don’t tell us you don’t remember that scene. You know the one we mean.

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Christmas is a time of giving after all, and this campaign has come at the right time. It costs nothing to sign the online petition and show your support. To see so many fans come together in such a short time is astounding.

It’s a Christmas tradition in my house to watch The Mummy on Christmas Pr-evening (That’s Dec 23) whilst making the stuffing for Christmas Dinner. So to see this campaign come to the forefront of the Internet is something pretty special.

Brendan Fraser may not be an Oscar winner, but he’s loved for his comedic action style and movies. He’s down on his luck and needs our help, so show your support, sign the petition and use the #BringBackBrendan tag on Twitter.

Whether or not this campaign was started as a joke is neither here nor there. It’s gotten a serious following from his fans and deserves to be taken seriously!

Lets bring this guy back to where he belongs!

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