Christmas Gift

Not to be misread as, ‘some suggestive stockings’… *wink wink*. There’s only a few days left until the big day, but if you’re sitting with a half filled stocking, here’s a few gifts to cram under all those satsumas.

From power banks, to portable speakers, there’s (hopefully) something for everyone here.

Anker Classic Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

My reliable ANKER speaker. It no longer looks quite as clean as this one.

I bought an Anker bluetooth speaker about five years ago. It’s a bit on the large size compared to what they’re manufacturing nowadays, but it’s easily the best purchase I’ve ever made – and thats not just hyperbole. Really, seriously, it’s fantastic. So if you’re struggling to think of what to place in the depths of your partners, daughters or sons Christmas stocking, then get them one of these as a gift.

I managed to pick up mine for about 15 squid off Amazon during a deal, but it looks like prices are currently a bit steeper for the little speaker. I use it everyday – have used it everyday for five years. The battery life is just as good as it was on day one, and the bolshy fuzzy recording of a man reading, ‘battery low’ always gives me the giggles when he interrupts Netflix or some heavy metal.

There are loads of them now, and the only one I can really recommend is the white boxy one. They all have good reviews though, so think about it.

Mini USB to Female USB Adapter

Here’s the ANKER adapters, because I love all things ANKER.

You can pick one of these up for a couple squids in an electrical store. A pound on Amazon. plenty of people don’t realise just how damn useful these things are as gifts, especially for the oldies who use tablets but don’t get Google Drive, Dropbox or Bluetooth. A simple mini USB to female USB adapter allows them to access their pictures the same way they would on a PC or laptop.

If you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, then give them an adapter. Then they don’t have to learn new tricks. They do, however, have to store it in a safe place. I’ve got one of these, and I’m forever losing it.

Great for accessing files through your phone too.

Power Bank

Power bank
I think this is the one I have…

Another non-specific one. I have one in my drawer, but have no idea what brand it is. It works, and that’s all you need, right? You can pick these up almost everywhere now – what with everyone playing Pokemon Go on their phones. You need the extra battery to catch your 100,000th Pidgey. Pokemon Go aside, phones age and the battery can pass away after a few years. A power bank will give them a good boost, and can also be used to recharge tablets and the like. It’s an all round good stocking filler.

Key Finders

Key Finder
Please Santa, please.

I don’t use these, but I totally should. I’m guilty of coming home in an evening and throwing all my belongings around the house. I just want to dump my stuff and run for the kettle, so my keys end up in shoes, under the sofa, in my tea… they disappear, and then the next day I’m late for work and can’t find them.

This has good reviews. Buy it for me?

Fitness Bands

Fitness Band
I don’t know why you’d want one, but each to their own?

I don’t use these either, but hell, someone else might. In fact, from what I understand people love these things. They’re like sleep apps, or dating apps, or just apps. People are into them, they live in them. I couldn’t really care less. I’d rather someone bought me a tree to climb. Maybe let me into their garden to run around and jump in puddles. But yeah, a fitness band will fit comfortably into a stocking. There’s probably some cheap ones out there too.

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