If you’re wondering, ‘where is n3rdabl3’s review of the much acclaimed Dishonored 2?’ then I’m the one to blame for it’s absence. I’ve moved flat, you see. I’m typing this article in my new abode, surrounded by as-of-yet unpacked boxes. I don’t have Internet quite yet, and Steam won’t let me touch Bethesda’s recently published gem until I get my ass online.

However, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my flat lately. Three days, in fact, and I now feel comfortable enough to write a little review of it for all you dedicated readers. Because a new flat is exactly like a new game, right? There’s totally not a difference between the two. So I present to you, lucky readers, a review of the most anticipated experience of 2016: My Flat 2.0.

My flat features a nonlinear sequence of environments akin to this year’s DOOM title; a series of arenas loosely joined by intricate corridors and sharp corners. It shares a striking resemblance to the original Dark Souls (no, my flat is not infested with the hollowed) in that it can be approached in a variety of ways. Doorways lead off into the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and shower room, but the intricacy lies in the relationship between the living room and kitchen. These two can be accessed from the corridor in any order and even lead through to one another, so the kitchen can be conquered after the living room without having to pass back into the corridor – and vice versa. The sense of choice here is varied enough to keep the space exciting, even on subsequent walk throughs.

Top image is pre-patch, bottom image shows visual improvement after patch.

The visuals do take a hit, however. The floor is a low-res texture of a real wooden floor, and this wouldn’t be so apparent if the texture didn’t lift from the surface in the corners of some rooms. The same is true for other levels. There are more luxurious visuals in the bathroom, yet the slight lifts at the corners of the flooring could easily disrupt the sense of immersion. Any guest with a keen eye would notice further blemishes in My Flat, such as the hole in the back of the cupboard, or the wobbly shelf, but overall these glitches are rare and haven’t yet impacted on game play.

It’s worth noting here that there is a hefty day one patch which vastly improves the visuals by adding visual artifacts, higher resolution textures, and even additional objects for those running powerful systems. But My Flat is initially very taxing, even on modern hardware. I contacted the owner about this, and she said part of this difficulty was due to its position on the top-floor. As a top-floor flat you should expect heavy use on your arm and back processors on day one, but it should get easier once you’ve passed the first 8/9 hours. The flat eases a little then, and processing power only again peaks when taking the shopping home.

Strangely, My Flat runs much better when playing co-op. The challenges the environment poses are simpler to overcome, but are still challenging enough for two players. I’m reminded here of Overcooked; managing one another’s abilities and juggling abilities and tactics comes in very handy in the early game, and as days and months pass by I can imagine a smooth rhythm settling in. The initial chaos of each environment would become calmer, gentler, and yet more personally satisfying. My Flat is a game that keeps on giving. Like The Sims or Civ VI, I can’t ever see myself getting uninterested in the game play, visuals, or multiplayer mayhem.

My Flat 2.0 does have occasional frustrating glitches.

So I would highly rate My Flat to anyone and everyone out there – except, of course, stocks of the title are very low. In fact, there’s only one copy of My Flat in existence, and it’s mine. It’s all mine (and my girlfriends – player two), and you can’t have it.

Dishonored 2 review to follow in the next week. Due to moving house and difficulties getting the game running on PC.


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Dylan Cook
Dylan Cook

Absolute brilliance. 10 / 10.