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The Virtual Console, Nintendo’s legitimate answer to emulation, has been growing ever since its release on the Nintendo Wii. Initially featuring NES, SNES, and even Genesis and Turbografx games, the roster of consoles available for emulation has grown significantly. With the Wii U allowing GameBoy Advance, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo 64 emulation, it seems logical that the Nintendo Switch would offer GamecCbe emulation.

Three sources have allegedly confirmed to Eurogamer that the GameCube is already running on the Switch, and has been tested and prepared for three titles: Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi’s Mansion, and Super Smash Bros. Melee. 

These stories have been corroborated by sever insiders on Twitter as well, and definitely does not appear to be a controversial rumor. If this ends up being the case, and if the games are able to run suitably, this could be a boon for avid fans of Melee. Competitive fans of the game traditionally bring the GameCube around with them just to play, and even lug around those big old tube CRT TVs to play, as they result in a lagless experience which you cannot get when using on newer hardware. If the display of the Nintendo Switch does not suffer from lag, and is able to use the GameCube adapter to play, then this is every Melee fan’s dream. Rejoice!

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