The Mummy

I love The Mummy movie series, I personally think that Brendan Fraser did a perfect job depicting both a serious action role with a smidgen of comedy. However Hollywood has a knack of rebooting franchises and The Mummy has become one of them, with Tom Cruise at the helm it’s looking to be a much more serious affair than before.

I was half tempted to joke about how the plane in the beginning of the below trailer looks just like the one Cruise was hanging from in the last Mission Impossible flick, but then I didn’t have to. Something sinister happens to the aforementioned plane and guess what, Cruse is pretty much hanging on for dear life out of the plane. Maybe that’s in his contract now?

While I enjoyed the original movies, this new film doesn’t actually look all that bad, and hey it’s more of a remake which I’m fine with. It definitely has more of a thriller vibe to it, and sadly there doesn’t seem to be an appearance from The Rock.

Check out the trailer below:

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The Mummy is set to hit UK theatres on June 9, 2017.

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