Just Cause 3

While Avalanche are still remaining pretty quiet about the launch of a Multiplayer mode for Just Cause 3, one developer has been hard at work on their own multiplayer mod which has entered beta today.

This mod of course replaces the hole left behind after the creators of the previous mod were scooped up by Avalance themselves and thus the mod was cancelled. Unfortunately there’s no official word on a multiplayer mode for the game, but this new mod is good enough.

Nanos, the team behind the mod, has released the first version of it to the world in beta. While there may be some issues it does run, but for those waiting for a stable release, the developer states that version 1.0 is expected to launch in January or February next year.

The beta includes files for players to host their own servers as well as create new game modes for multiplayer play. A new trailer has also been released showing off some of the game’s multiplayer madness. Yeah, it’s pretty darn insane.

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