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Following its announcement earlier this year, developer Vindit has revealed that players can get early Early Access into their upcoming literature and surrealist art-inspired ARPG, Quote, but only for the next 48 hours.

Quote is a pretty interesting game in which players are tasked with destroying any and all knowledge from the world, preventing it from getting in the heads of “heretic individuals”. It’s largely inspired by literature and surreal art, and involves burning lots of books – if that’s your thing.

The game has players control Novella, a high priestess of Bliss, god of Ignorance, along with her odd sidekick Tatters, as they rid the world of knowledge and destroy all authors.

“Quote pays loving tribute to literary legends including Angela Carter, Ernest Hemingway and Jorge Luis Borges, then orders you to slay every author and burn every book,” reads the press release.


So, how the hell can you get into this masterpiece early? Simple, Starting today (December 14) players can grab the First Draft which includes the first two chapters of the game, at a 50% discount. £10/ €12 will get you immediate access to the alpha version of Quote. You better hurry though, as the store will close on Friday, 16 December, with no more sales until Early Access in Q1 2017.

“We’re desperate to show Quote to the universe, but it’s early-ish days and so we’ve decided to limit it to an especially excited few before we fling the doors wide open,” explains Vindit’s own god of Ignorance, Robin Lacey. “The limited First Draft availability means we can establish a small but enthusiastic community with which to lay the groundwork for the eradication of all knowledge from the world. That will be Bliss indeed.”

Players who grab the First Draft will receive automatic updates with new features as development continues. Early adopters will also get access to exclusive content and a feedback forum to help shape the game.

For everyone else, Quote is set to launch in late 2017. It’ll feature six hand-drawn chapters in total.

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