Lucidsound is one of those companies that strive to not only offer great sounding headsets, but also high quality components without any gimmicks. You won’t find any pointless flashy LED’s on any of Lucidsound’s headsets, what you will find however is functionality, style, and fantastic sound.

While some of Ludcidsound’s headsets can set you back a couple of hundred quid, the LS20 is their “budget” offering which comes in at around £90. While headsets at a similar price point can often feel lacking in features, the LS20 doesn’t, in fact Lucidsound have designed this headset in such a way that you can get use out of it away from your games console.

At its core, the LS20 is a gaming headset, aside from its built-in mic it does come with a detachable boom mic as well as compatibility for both PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It’s relatively plug and play too, just jam the 3.5mm jack into the headset, and the other end into your controller and away you go, though if you have an older Xbox One controller without the headphone jack, you will need to purchase an adapter.

Now, what I love the most about the LS20 headset isn’t its gaming features, they’re fantastic don’t get me wrong, and I’ll touch more upon those in a second. It’s actually its compatibility with mobile phones and MP3 players which I love the most. Remove the boom mic and what you’re left with are a stylish pair of overhead headphones. And they’re not half-arsed either.

Some gaming headsets do, of course, work with mobile phones, but for the most part they still LOOK like gaming headsets and more often than not they have heavy external controls that can just get in the way. The LS20 however look like a pretty pricey pair of headphones when the boom mic is disconnected, and the sound is just exemplary, especially at this price point.

As I mentioned before, the LS20 headset is a headset you just want to keep using, whether it’s for gaming or listening to music or even talking on the phone. Yep, the built-in controls and microphones are all compatible with your mobile phone meaning you can have a pretty stylish hands-free conversation.

Speaking of controls, while some headsets come with the aforementioned gaudy controls dangling from the cable or obvious buttons around the ears, the Lucidsound LS20, as with other Lucidsound headsets come with subtle and intuitive controls. Aside from the power button, users simply press in the side of either ear to either mute audio or mute their mic, depending on the functionality. Two slimline wheels around these buttons can also be used to easily adjust the volume, too.

Now to say that I put the Lucidsound LS20s to the test is an understatement. I actually had them accompany me on a recent long-haul flight which saw me using them for around 9-hours straight. The headset comes with memory foam ear cushions which were insanely comfortable, I even had a little nap whilst wearing them. I did however have a bit of a fright when I woke up to a small child staring at me… Anyway, simply put, these headphones are comfortable. They don’t irritate your ears while wearing them and they don’t feel overly heavy on your head.

Oh and I forgot to mention, I haven’t actually needed to charge the headset just yet. To make it even better you can still listen to audio passively if your headphones run out of juice. It’s worth noting that the need for a battery in the LS20 is because of the built-in amplifier in the headphones, this allows the LS20 to boost or lower the sound coming from the device they’re connected to, to get a more consistent sound across the board.

I have to say I’ve fallen in love with the Lucidsound LS20s, they’re comfortable, they sound great, and they’re somewhat affordable. Plus they’re completely no-hassle when it comes to gaming, as I said just plug it in, select your mode with the power button, and away you go. They’ve quickly become my go-to headphones when I want to drown out the world.

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