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Christmas is here and the number of people sitting looking at their new devices, be it a new phone or tablet, is rather high. So, what better way to get yourself glued to your new device than to grab some games from the App Store or Google Play?

As the holiday period can at times be slow here are a couple of games that might be a good way to entertain yourself while your aunt slowly gets drunk in the corner.

These five games are simply give great mobile games that I’ve spent way to much time on over the last year. I’m sure at least one of them will be right for you.

RunGunJumpGunAvailable for iOS and Android

RunGunJumpGun is, in my opinion, one of the best releases of this year. With it’s easy to learn but hard to master two button controls. Stunning visual style and mind blowing soundtrack, RunGunJumpGun is a game that sits up there with the likes of Super Meat Boy and nails that ‘Just one more try’ feel of gameplay. It’s release on mobile is no different with the brilliance of RunGunJumpGun feeling right at home on a touch screen device.

If a challenge is what your looking for with your new device then make sure to check out RunGunJumpGun. The writing alone is a reason to pick it up as it will make you laugh out loud. You can read the full review of the PC version of RunGunJumpGun here.

Pokemon GoAvailable for iOS and Android

If there is one game this year that started a trend it was Pokemon Go. Though it is a game that will require you to get out and about (though who doesn’t love the annual “New Years Day walk”?) it is one that is truly rewarding. From catching Pokemon on your morning walk or watching one break out of an egg, Pokemon Go is the closest we have ever gotten to being real life Pokmeon masters.

With plenty of trainers still fighting over gyms, your find there is always something to aim for in Pokemon Go. Plus with the most recent update adding a number of new Pokemon from generation 2 into the mix. There is not a better time to start playing Pokemon Go then now.

HearthstoneAvailable for iOS and Android


What device would be complete without a visit to the HearthStone table?

Blizzard’s ever growing card game continues to shine even now following it’s newest expansion the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. Pick your hero and build your deck as you take to the board to battle against your foes. With a number of different game modes available and a weekly brawl to experience, HearthStone is a fantastic card game to lose yourself in be it for the first time or as a revisit.

There is so much to love about HearthStone that you should definitely check it out. Say goodbye to all of your time!

MAXIMUM CarAvailable for iOS and Android

Have you ever wanted to play a racing game that felt like a mash up of all your other favourite racing games? Well whatever your answer have I got a game for you. MAXIMUM Car is an arcade style racing game where you will be feeling like a badass in second. Drift, boost and explode your way to first place in a crazy number of different cars.

With high speed battle action right on your phone and a soundtrack to match. MAXIMUM Car will have you wanting more and more as you enjoy the slow motion takedown camera after ever explosion. Seriously, check it out.

PinOutAvailable for iOS and Android

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PinOut is a game that made me buy the soundtrack within minutes. Taking the classic pinball mechanics and then working them into a stunning arcade experience. PinOut is a game about neon lights, awesome music and a continuous journey through an endless glow of arcade action. Watch the ball carefully to keep climbing the screen with music that changes as you progress. PinOut almost has a zen feel to it even if your be kicking yourself when you miss that all important shot.

There you have it. Five great mobile games that you should take a look at to get you started with your new device this holiday season. Got any other app suggestions? leave us a comment below with what you think is a good app to install on a new device.

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