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Holy Guacamole. It’s Christmas this week. You still need to buy a present for someone and you know they like tabletop gaming. Ho-ho-how the Hell have you left it this late Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s n3rdabl3’s top five emergency Christmas presents for tabletop gamers.

5. Card Sleeves

So many tabletop games use cards and we never want to spend money on card sleeves, we’d obviously rather buy another game.

Not only do we always need card sleeves, buying them as a present shows that you understand the value of our games and that you care enough to want to help us look after them.

In the unlikely event that the tabletop gamer in your life has already sleeved all their cards then the tiny packet they come in doesn’t take up room like an unwanted game, it can sit nicely amongst the game boxes and it’s a good excuse for us to go and buy that card game we’ve been eying up.

Your local game store will almost definitely sell these, get down on your lunch break and tell the nice member of staff what game you know your gamer plays and they’ll make sure you leave with the right sleeves.

4. Compartment Storage Box

Depending on what your analogue gamer plays, you don’t need a specialised games shop on your doormat to get the perfect gift.

If you’ve got a DIY shop, or even a general shop that sells everything from gift wrap to fishing lures, nearby you can pick up a storage box for next to nothing.

Miniature games, or just games with lots of small tokens, can be hard to keep in one place. Those storage boxes with compartments in are so handy you wouldn’t believe. They might be labelled as fishing tackle boxes or screw sorting boxes but forget that. Miniature war gamers can keep paints, paintbrushes, and all the assorted tools on them. Skirmish gamers can keep entire armies, all the tokens and all the dice they need in them. And long ones you can move the dividers in are ideal for RPG gamers as pencils, rubbers and dice can slot right in.

3. Ticket to the UK Games Expo

Once a year the Birmingham NEC hosts the UK Games Expo. A huge expo that shows off everything to do with tabletop gaming. Almost any analogue gamer would love to go, but if you don’t live near the venue it quickly gets expensive when you look at hotels and travel. Taking one of these costs away makes it so much more manageable and you’ll look like you really put a lot of thought into this gift. We won’t tell if you don’t.

You can get tickets online at Now get a bit creative with printing and a nice card. They’ll love it.

2. Subscription to Tabletop Gaming Magazine.

Tabletop Gaming Magazine has news, interviews, reviews and features every issue.

It’s a really well put together magazine that has just announced its increasing to six issues a year.

One of the hardest parts about this hobby is that there are so many new games it can be hard to know which you should be keeping on your radar. Tabletop Gaming Magazine is a great gift as somehow it works without WiFi or charging, your gamer will be able to keep up to date on all things tabletop when they aren’t able to check out n3rdabl3!

1. Your time.

It might seem like a bit of a cop out, but it’s honestly quite hard to get people to play tabletop games with you sometimes.

There’s still a stigma attached to the hobby and it can be hard to get even close friends to agree to sitting down and playing analogue games at times.

There’s a strong chance that the gamer in your life only gets to play one evening a week at their game club. Some gamers don’t even have that luxury. Why not offer to play with them? You never know. You might even enjoy it.

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